Radio & TV Signal Strength Testing Commences for Delburn Wind Farm

From next week, the Delburn Wind Farm will commence TV, radio, and mobile phone signal strength surveys, to meet the conditions of the planning permits.

The wind farm has been specifically designed to minimise any interference with TV, radio, wireless NBN and mobile phone signals.

An assessment of any potential electromagnetic interference (EMI) from the Delburn Wind Farm was completed in accordance with Victorian Planning Guidelines and considered by the Planning Panel as part of the planning approval process.

OSMI Australia Executive Director Operations and Compliance, Elizabeth Radcliffe said this step will confirm the current radio, TV and mobile phone reception signal strengths.

“Before we start to build the wind farm, the results of the signal strength survey must be submitted, approved and endorsed by the Minister for Planning. Once endorsed, the survey will form part of the permits.

“This allows us to understand existing signal strengths before the wind farm is constructed, and if there are any impacts on radio, TV or other communications reception as a result of the wind turbines, we are obliged to restore them to pre-construction signal strength,” Ms Radcliffe said.

The survey will measure selected television, mobile phone and radio reception signal strengths at over 100 locations within 5 kilometres of the wind farm. The measurement campaign is informed by the potential for impacts identified by the EMI study that was part of the planning approval process.

The signal strength survey will be carried out by independent monitoring specialists from DNV Australia.

The monitoring specialists will conduct the assessments from adjacent to public roads from Monday 7 August to Friday 11 August. At each measurement point the testing team will stop to set up a tripod and antenna to record the signal strengths.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected], call 1800 676 428 or visit the Delburn Wind Farm office at 66 Ridgway, Mirboo North.

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