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Beyond delivering clean energy to around 125,000 Victorian homes, Delburn Wind Farm is committed to a holistic benefit-sharing model based around sharing the profits of the wind farm fairly and creating a positive long-term legacy in the region. Delburn Wind Farm also recognises the existing work of local sustainability and community energy groups and hopes to partner with them around the community co-investment initiative.

Delburn Wind Farm values the community’s contribution to the development of the project, and is engaging with the community to ensure that the Delburn Wind Farm project is well supported and designed appropriately, and to that benefit sharing is tailored for the local context. Local staff have been appointed to enable community participation in the development of the wind farm and a local project office has been opened for a permanent presence within the community. Stop by the office for more information, to ask questions, or just to have a chat.

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Creating Connection

Opportunities for the Community

The project partners for the Delburn Wind Farm values the community’s contribution to the development of this exciting initiative. Learn about the project, how it will benefit the community and ways to stay informed about the latest developments. 

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Project Owners

The Delburn Wind Farm is a joint venture between OSMI Australia and Cubico Sustainable Investments.
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Community Benefits Scheme

We are committed to enhancing the regional economic development outcomes of the project.
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Stay Informed

There are a range of ways to stay up to date with the latest developments regarding the Delburn Wind Farm.

Our Community Commitment

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Delburn Wind Farm strives for best practice in community engagement and benefit sharing, and is a signatory to the Clean Energy Council’s Best Practice Charter for Renewable Energy Developments. We will regularly review our performance against the metrics set out in the Charter, seeking feedback from our stakeholders on how we are going and constantly striving to improve our performance.

In its engagement with the community the Delburn Wind Farm commits to:

  • encouraging stakeholder and community input to the project;
  • ensuring the community has access to accurate project information;
  • acknowledging local concerns and issues raised by the community in relation to the project;
  • seeking to address, resolve and/or mitigate community concerns or issues in a timely manner;
  • providing open and transparent information by publishing all technical reports and consultative committee meeting minutes on the project website;
  • providing proactive and cooperative communication with the local community, consultative committee members and other project stakeholders; and
  • always treating members of the local community, consultative committee members and other stakeholders fairly, courteously and in a consistent and ethical manner.

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